Day 8: A Cool Zoo


Pops and Annie had to work but lucky for us they carpooled and left us a car. We took our time and slept in. I cooked up some breakfast and once everyone was ready we packed up and headed over to the zoo. The Alaska Zoo is pretty cool and just the right size for a short day trip. Most of the Animals are “local” and came to the zoo when they were injured or lost their moms at a young age.


Right off the bat we saw a big bull moose right in the middle of the zoo. They also had 3 different kinds of bears. The kids loved the coyote pup and the wolf pups that had been rescued. They also had fun at a little petting zoo.




We walked through most of the zoo before stopping for a lunch break. I had cut up leftover moose steak and made it into queasadillas plus we had a lot of snacks and some leftover pizza.



After lunch we saw a few more animals and then checked back in on the moose and polar bears before heading out.


The girls were all really tired and laid down for naps as soon as we got home. Peanut and I did dishes and vacuuming, cleaning up, sweeping and then got out of the house to keep things quiet. We went to a nearby lake and Peanut played on the playground while I watched the beach and the 59F water.


Then we went to a giant park called Kincaid. It seemed to be primarily FULL of trails for cross-country skiing but it was great for hikes, and had soccer fields, Frisbee golf and a lot more.


We explored around and checked things out and looked for animals for a while and then headed back. We went by the Cabela’s and looked at the fish and stuff for a while before heading home.

Pops was ready to come home right when I got there so I went back to get him and we did a little shopping  and then came home and got busy making dinner and packing up his car for our big side trip.

We packed our clothes and gear all up and borrowed a tent, sleeping bags, a cooler and lots of camping gear from Pops and packed it all up.

Pops grilled chicken and potatoes and warmed beans and veggies for dinner and everything turned out really good. Everyone ate like crazy. After dinner we did some more packing and heard from Heath’s cousin who we were planning to go see. We adjusted the plans some and then got the kids in bed and made some plans. I was tired and prepared for a long next couple days and went to bed.

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