Day 14: Wet Morning


Everyone slept in great in the morning. After 10 Pumpkin got up and I took her to the bathroom. It was still raining hard and we put on jackets and stocking caps. We were in the clouds and could not see much.

IMG_2372 After walking back from the bathroom we opened up the truck and got the grill going in the rain. We had a lot of fun cooking in the rain and talking and being silly. We made coffee, hot chocolate and oatmeal.



Just as everyone else got up it stopped raining. We shared with them as Heath rolled up everything in the tent and passed it to us to pack up. The kids ate all the oatmeal we brought and Heath and I also had a bagel and peanut butter.


The sun was coming up but we were ready to go and once we had all our stuff we got going. We drove for a while and both girls fell asleep. We cut it a bit close on gas again but got to a major city before needing to fill up.

We made it all the way back before the girls woke up. Once home we washed the kids and hung out the tent, tarps and sleeping bags to dry in the garage. We ate some lunch then Heath and the girls rested and Peanut and I took the truck to wash it and picked up some groceries for dinner. Once home I washed and Heath helped Annie make a big dinner.

It was a busy afternoon unpacking from our trip and getting planned and ready for the last couple days of our vacation. We ate a bunch of really good lasagna, salad, squash and bread. After dinner Heath and I took Pop’s rental car back. We hung out for a bit and made a little bit of plans for the next day and then went to bed.


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