Day 16: Train To Talkeetna


All vacation we tended to stay up way too late and then sleep in or have grumpy kids. We really struggled to live with any sort of time schedule and it was kind of nice. In Anchorage though the trains all leave early in the morning and come back late in the day. So we set alarms and got up early so Pops could rush us off to the train station.


We entered the crowded train station, picked up our tickets, hit the bathrooms and checked out the gift shop and then they released us to our train.


Our assigned seats were at 2 of these tables that were side by side across the isle.


It was a lot of space for us but that was good so we could stretch out.


The ride was pretty good and we did see a few moose. They had a restaurant car and stuff but we never made it over there for coffee or anything. We did get onto the top for a bit and it was pretty cool with bigger windows and a better view.



While we rode the train, Pops drove and was waiting for us when we got there. The kids were restless and had seen a park on the way so that was our first stop.




We worked up a thirst and appetite so we headed to the Denali Brewing Company.


They have an awesome menu of food and drinks and we loaded up.


Durring lunch the kids worked some on Jr. Ranger books Pops picked up and then after lunch we went to a presentation on what goes into climbing Mt. McKinley. After the presentation we went over to the ranger station.


The kids turned in their books and were swore in.


We were all pretty beat and Pops drove us home and the girls slept on the way.

We went out for bad Chineese for dinner and then his up the Midnight Sun Brewing Company in Anchorage for a few more beers.


I think it was good too but the kids were so grouchy and my stomach was too full to really enjoy it. We headed home and did laundry and started some packing before bed.

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