Day 17: Free Day


This is our last day. Annie had to leave town and Pops had to work a bunch and we had to pack. We didn’t plan much and ended up having a lot of fun. We packed some in the morning after sleeping in good.We followed Pops into Cabelas and shopped for a bit but Bean got grumpy so we put her down for a nap and Heath took the big ones to the park while I packed and did some laundry and clean up.




Once they got back we picked up some fast food and went to the park.


We found a spot next to Jewel Lake and sat down.


We were planning on fishing here but didn’t really like any spots we saw. So instead we let the kids play a minute at the playground then drove on to a bigger lake.


The bigger lake looked great but as we were unpacking we discovered I had forgotten the tackle box and we had no hooks or lures. I dropped Heath, Peanut and Pumpkin off at a store to do some shopping and I took Bean back to get the tacklebox. She immediately fell asleep and got a great nap in.

It was getting late so we went to the other side of Jewel Lake and tried fishing there.



It seemed like a good spot. There were a few other fishers and it was not too shallow or full of moss or anything. Bean kept sleeping and we all fished and fished. Then Bean got up and helped out.


Unfortunately we didn’t catch anything or really get any bites. We saw another guy catch 1 small rainbow trout.

We went back to Cabelas and checked in with Pops and bought some souvenirs.



Then we went home and tossed the girls in the tub.


Even though we didn’t catch any fish we decided to grill some salmon.


After dinner we set out clothes for the “morning” and then vacuumed, swept, and cleaned. Once the kids were in bed Heath and I packed the last of our stuff in the suitcases and packed our suit cases in the car. I set an alarm for less then 4 hours later and we went to sleep.

In no time the 2:20am alarm went off and we quickly showered, dressed the kids and went to the airport.


Pops got us all settled then we said our goodbyes and went through security. We had a little wait and the kids played a bit and then we got some McDonalds and I was able to get a MtMcKinley-Mac that was a big mac with 2 quarter pounder patties. It was great even before 5am.


We flew to Seatle and 40 minutes later flew to KC, everyone did pretty good. On the 2nd flight Bean and I were on our own in the back of the plane and she didn’t sleep at all but we managed.

Heath’s brother James picked us up at the airport and as soon as we were home I headed to work for a few hours.

Business as usual until the next adventure.

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