A Nice Spot On The River


Saturday Heath was working food truck and I had the girls on my own. We started out being productive.


Then went to have a little fun. We put on swim suits and sunscreen and grabbed berry and a few things and went to look for a swimming hole.


We all loved the first spot we tried and stayed there.


The water was shallow all around and most of it was moving pretty slow. Also it was pretty flat and easy to walk around on.


We did a lot of swimming and relaxing in the water.



When the girls got hungry I broke out some PB&J roll ups for them to snack on.


Bean got pretty sleepy so we packed up and headed home. I rinsed the girls in the tub then laid her down. Pumpkin helped me get some projects done.


She was pretty motivated because the projects impacted her. First we put a teeter totter swing on the swingset.


Then we fixed up some stuff on her bike, replace the batteries in the remote for the light and fan in the main room and then started working on the sand box cover.



I didn’t take a finished picture but it’s coming along nicely. Heath came home and took the girls to see Granny Donna while I was working.


I got the cover done, ate dinner, got cleaned up and went out to Shawn’s bachelor party. We ran around westport drinking and having fun late into the night.

In the morning everyone slept in, then I made a big breakfast. After breakfast we packed the river stuff back up for another trip. The second trip was even better because we brought burgers, Heath, Kelly and Drake.


Actually we brought out a bunch of food and drinks. The day before I had built a little fire pit out in the water and it worked great.



Besides eating we explored the river


and played with chalk/paint and looked for little frogs and fish and crawdads.


We also played on a little dam


Again we played until naptime and then everyone washed off and laid down for a bit. We called it an early night after a great pizza dinner, mowing the lawn and finishing off the 2nd season of Orange is the New Black.

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