Aniv. Dinner


Friday I ended up getting stuck at work late but then Heath and I rushed to get our stuff packed and the girls stuff packed and then rushed them off to Nana-K’s for a slumber party. After dropping them Heath and I went out for fancy dinner at Sullivan’s steakhouse.


We got there during happy hour so got some drinks and appetizers off the bar menu. These were the tuna nachos and they were awesome. We split everything and got a steak, eggrolls, salad, burger, fries and fancy dessert coffee thing. We had a gift card and somehow managed to only spend $0.12 over the card. After our fill of food and drinks we headed out to the car and took off our clothes…

…and immediately put on our hiking clothes and boots. We had packed up our backpacking packs with gear, lots of water, rocks for extra weight and some wine.


It was a 5 mile walk home along the indian creek trail and we had a blast. Our packs were heavy and we set a fast pace but we took breaks to sit by the creek and have a drink.


Also we stopped by Fuzzy’s tacos for a beer.


The hike took us 3 hours and was a lot of fun.

In the morning I made Heath breakfast in bed then we got up and picked up the kids and met aunt Kelly and Drake at Home Depot. She bought a bunch of supplies and we loaded them in the van.


The van was made for 4×8 sheets of drywall apparently. Kelly took all the kids and I followed her to her house. Heath got lunch going for the kids.


And Kelly and I started tossing drywall on the walls in her basement.



We took a lunch break but mostly just worked and worked. Heath and the kids played with toys and ate and napped and got in a little swim.


Kelly and I got way more done then expected and got just about the whole room coovered in drywall. We were covered in dust and sweat so got the kids and got back in the pool.


Heath had a food truck deal and left and we swam and had a beer then got hungry. We took the kids to a playplace and then they took us home. We were all beat so I got the girls in bed, and then I went to bed and watched a Hell on Wheels before bed.

In the morning I asked Pumpkin what we should have for breakfast and she knew right away she wanted breakfast corndogs. I decided to give it a shot. I made some thick pancake batter, dunked maple sausage links in it and dropped them in the fryer.


They came out looking pretty good. We squirted a little syrup on them and surrounded them in fruit and served them up.



They were great and we ate them all up. Then we got dressed and went on a fruit and veggie hunt. We started at the community garden.



Then we went down to the river market and tossed the girls in the backpacks. We cruised around and filled the backpacks with fruits and veggies then stopped for a little snack.


We ate a whole carton of strawberries and then ordered a couple tamales and chips and salsa.


Then we headed home and all the girls were a little crabby so I sent them to bed and got the house all cleaned up.

Pumpkin got up first and cleaned up the kids area and then did some painting. I split wood for a while and then got a good shower in.

Some friends came over for dinner and then we got to bed.

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