River Picnic


Heath and I gathered the children after work, tossed them into swimsuits, loaded a cooler and a couple bags and headed out to the river. We me Amanda and her girls at the river and went down to our spot.


The kids started cooling off and playing in the water.




We gathered firewood and got a little fire going and then started browning hamburger.


Jon joined us and we all played and cooled off some then finished cooking dinner and we had a nice little taco bar.


We made up tacos/burritos for all the kids and sat down to eat.



Everything was really good and everyone ate good. Peanut had 2 big servings.


After eating and cleaning up we swam a bit more.


Then we packed up everything and headed home. Heath got the girls in the tub and read a book and got them in bed. Peanut got clean, got things ready for school in the morning then read Percy Jackson with Heath. I did dishes and cleaned up then took Berry for a big hot run.

We got back just in time for him to relax on the deck and me to cool off by the tv with Heath. We watched a couple episodes of the Killing and then got to bed.

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