Grilled Bananas


Pretty good, but rich.


We cut the banana lengthwise and filled with chocolate chips, marshmallows and a few m&ms. Then tossed them on the grill. We each ate a half.


next time we want peanut butter in there.

Last night we also had grilled fish tacos that were really good with rice and homemade slaw. After dinner Heath took Peanut to soccer practice and I took the girls to spray park.


It was really hot out so they had a good time cooling off.


I got wet then enjoyed my drink and my book while watching them.


The water shut down at 7 and we played on the playground stuff for a while then went home and got ready for bed. Once the girls were down I worked on some planning and prep for an upcoming trip until Heath got home. Once she was back I hopped on my bike and rode down to Leawood park and back. Then Heath and i watched some tv before bed.

The day before Heath went to Peanuts back to school night and I took the kids to the trail after speghetti dinner.


Peanut rode his bike back and forth waiting for us to catch up, Pumpkin went fast sometimes and slow sometimes and needed several boosts. Bean watched it all from the stroller.


On the way back Pumpkin was really getting worn out and we pulled over and stopped by the river for drinks and a little snack.


The kids threw some rocks and then we completed the mile ride. They all took baths and got in bed. Heath and I watched some tv when she got home before bed.


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