Nice in the Shade


The kids were ready for a break when we got home from school and work so Heath put on a show for them and they crashed on the couch.

IMG_20140821_163516768.jpg(can you see Heath and I?)

We got the grill going and dinner on it. We had plans after dinner so made a quick dinner.


Everyone ate pretty good. Then we packed up a few things, tossed a bike and strollers into the truck and headed down the street a ways. We parked off 85th street, unloaded and hit the trail.


The girls drank some water and relaxed while the rest of us got some exercise.


We did not go far before stopping.


We parked the strollers and bike at Bier Co and joined Olive and Briana at a table, Stephen, AJ, Jon, Amanda, Alli and Kate all came too hang out.


It was all shaded and really comfortable. We had our beers and talked while the kids played and had lots of fun.


We spent most of the night there and then everyone headed home. We ran back to the car and Peanut and I had a few races but I could not beat him on his bike while pushing Pumpkin in the stroller. Once home we just worked on getting everyone clean and in bed.


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