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Originally we planned to rush from work/daycare to the stadium and do some tailgating but it was in the 90s and we decided to do our tailgate at home. This also gave everyone a chance to come together and carpool. I grilled up burgers and dogs and we had salad and watermelon and beans. We drove to the game and started our walk in. A few of us got a ride.



Our family took up the whole row and we were one seat short. This didn’t matter as the kids did not sit still.


The kids snacked all game long and worked there way from one end of the row to the other getting snacks.


It was not a terribly exciting game and there were no points and only a few hits for most of the game. The twins eventually got a point on the board and we walked over to the playground.


We hung out and let the kids burn off the last of their energy before heading home to bed.


Then we called it a night and headed home and to bed.

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