IMG_20140916_183558420.jpgShortly after getting everyone home we got a surprise. Cousin Rachel was free and interested in taking the girls to her house to spend the night. We quickly packed them up and sent them off.

Then Heath Peanut and I hopped in the van and rushed off to a furniture store. We looked around a bit and didn’t find anyhting we needed. Then we went to the original Oklahoma Joe’s. (or whatever they renamed it to)

Heath and I got after some Zmans and Peanut devoured the ribs.


Then we drove on to Nebraska Furniture Mart.


We did some couch shopping and found a few we liked okay. Then we headed home. A craigslist lady with a couch sent a message and we went and saw her couch too and did some measuring. Then we went home and went to bed.

I’ve got tomorrow off to get some stuff done at home.



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