Bike ride


Wednesday night dinner was pretty easy. I had left lentils and sausage cooking in the crock pot and rice and onions in the rice cooker. Mixed them up with a bag of frozen veggies and added some seasoning and we called it gumbo or jambalaya and it was really tasty.

After dinner Heath took Peanut to soccer practice and I tossed the girls in the bike trailer, attached it to Heath’s bike and went for ride. (A tire on my bike had randomly exploded on a morning ride last week)


We tried to ride to Leawood park but the mud and puddles were too bad that direction and I was going to slow. So we rode around east a ways and then stopped at the school park by our house on the way home.


The girls had a lot of fun. Pumpkin is really into climbing and showing how strong she is.



and Bean is really into doing anything she sees her sister do.


but she had an accident


It was getting late anyway so we headed home and tossed the girls in a bubble bath. While they got clean I read them 3 long books. Once they were prunes we got them in pajamas and put them in bed.  I got busy on my ToDo list and replaced the tube in my bike and cleaned out a spot in the garage and got some stuf satarted for a productive day off.

Thursday started off pretty normal, Heath and I got the kids up and off. I took Bean to school and then rushed home to meet the google guy.


We joined the trusted tester program and we have not had any trouble with our internet but they replaced the hardware with stuff they are working on. I got some laundry and dishes done before he showed up and pulled the fridge away from the jack on the wall behind it.

The installer said these new boxes should have longer wifi range and faster speeds. The range would be really cool as my wood pile was on the edge of my signal, Stephen’s signal and no signal and my phone would switch all the time when I split.

Google did not take long and once done I moved laundry grabbed Berry and headed to the trail.


We ran for half an hour or so and it was great. I was worried it would be too muddy but it was not bad and not too hot.


Then I dropped Berry off and went up to Heath’s school and traded out cars. I took the van home and started to investigate a brake warning light.


One by one I took off the wheels and looked the breaks over but didn’t find any problems I could see. I got 3 done and then ran by the auto parts store and got fluids. I also picked up my chimney cleaning brush from Amanda and then rushed home. I took a brake from the brakes and hopped on the roof. What a nice view.


On the roof I took off the caps on the fireplace.


Then got my brush and cleaned up the chimneys.


Then I put the caps back on and cleaned out the bottom parts.


I was a mess but the wood stove was all very clean.

I went back to the van and topped off all the fluids and checked out the last set of brakes. Fingers crossed the added brake fluid will turn off the light.

I kept moving laundry through the washer and dryer and then did a 20 min intense weight workout. While cooling down I ate some leftovers for lunch. Then I trimmed my beard back some and took a shower. I had some camping gear out from last weekend so I got it all dried and put away and then the fireplace guy showed up.

We looked over the woodstove first and he said my cleaning job was good and he didn’t think I needed him to do anything. I had a few questions about replacing some broken tiles and stuff and he told me what to do. Then we looked at the upstairs fireplace and I knew my brush was too small for it and it needed cleaning.

He brought in his tools and climbed in.


While he worked I pulled out the last load of laundry and started folding. I also fired up the grill and started smoking/grilling some Cornish game hens.


He cleaned for about an hour and I folded laundry and watched Hell on Wheels. Then we talked a bit more about things I can do to take care of my chimneys and fireplaces. When he left I went to pick up Peanut from school and then I folded laundry until the girls came home. We all took the van to Aldi and loaded up on groceries.

Once home Heath helped me turn the smoked potatoes into twice baked smoked. The hens were also looking great.


We cooked up some veggies then sat down to eat. The kids tore up the chickens and we did not have much left at the end. Heath took Peanut to scouts.


I took the girls to the park.


We stopped by McDonalds on the way and got some parfaits.


We played until bedtime.


Then we went home and put on pajamas and got the girls in bed. Heath and Grant came home and we finished watching Star Trek 2. Then Sanders came by and we looked over the kegging gear I have and made a plan for kegging my next batch of homebrew.

We also made plans for a river hike tonight. If anyone wants to join it should be a lot of fun let me know. We will hike/jog along the river for 10-14 miles.

Jon left and I went to bed pretty exhausted.

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