Heath picked up Peanut and Pumpkin after work and rushed them off to the eye doctor.



While they were gone I picked up Bean and we cooked dinner, ate dinner, played with Berry and brought dinner up to the soccer field. Heath met us there and we traded girls. Pumpkin quickly changed clothes and we ran down to practice.


5 minutes into practice she had to go to the bathroom so we ran back up to the parkinglot and then back to practice. We worked on shooting a little then learned passing and dribbling. She has very good control compared to the other kids and did a great job of sticking with it. She is eager to finish her last practice next week and move onto games.

At the end of the practice it was starting to cool off so we ran the kids and headed home.


Heath and Bean had gone to a PAT meeting and had just gotten home when we got there. We fed the girls and us some more and then got in pajamas. Heath read the girls some Charlotte’s web and once they were down we watched the movie Gravity.

Then we headed to bed unimpressed.




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