Sweet Smile


We had a lot to get done last night so right after work we rushed to toss together some Chinese. I got some egg drop soup, crab rangoon and lo mein noodles at a drive through place on the way home then picked up the girls. Heath had gotten shrimp, chicken and veggies going and we mixed everything together and ate.

It was pretty good and nearly enough food for 2 dinners. After dinner Heath and the girls rushed off to the school and I rushed down the street and around the corner. I think their story is more exciting so I’ll start there even though I don’t know a whole lot about it.

First they rolled back all the leaves and plants on the sweet potato bed.


The top was a big mess of plants all wound together. They could see a few potatoes right away but then they started digging.


and pulling up


and finding tater after tater


after tater


They ended up with a great pile


Since there are no other pictures I’ll assume after this they had a dance party and then watered the other beds.

Last Sunday a little old lady came by the house and asked if we wanted more wood. I’ve learned you always say yes to that question. She told us it was her rental house and it was just a block over. So last night I went to get it.

There was one truckload of nice split, stacked wood on the front porch and 4-5 loads of all sorts of sizes of good dry stacked stuff in the backyard.


Not much else to my story. I spent the next two hours driving my truck up to piles, filling it up and then driving it home to my pile and unloading it.


Then repeat.

Now that it has cooled off I am ready to get really motivated to take care of this pile. All this new wood splits pretty good.  Here was the pile before I moved in this new wood.


Now the pile of split stuff on the right side is taller then I can reach and the unsplit stuff is a lot bigger.

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