Pretty Sharp


When Bean and I got home a bit late we found the other girls in the sandbox building away.


We ruined their fun and made them pack it up and hop in the van. We grabbed a few snacks and then went shopping. Our first stop was Furniture Deals off Metcalf. We looked at a few sectionals but were not too excited about any. Then we went to Harbor Freight and Bean and I took in a coupon and got a chain saw sharpener. While we were getting it Heath and Pumpkin went to the fabric store next door and picked out some birthday craft project. Then we went to…

We all entered for the first time and checked the girls into the kids play area. Bean was just shy of the too short line but they let her in because her curls reached it. Heath and I went and looked at couches a bit and I didn’t see any I liked, Then we walked through the rest of the store. Then Heath told me the couches can be bought and put together in whatever pieces you want to get the shape you want. So we went back to couches and looked again. We looked again at couches and talked about some ideas.

By this point it was after 7pm and we had not fed the kids so we got them and went to eat. I’m sure you will be surprised to find the food was my favorite part but I wanted bigger servings. I got meatballs, Heath got salmon, Pumpkin chicken strips and Bean mac and cheese, we all got drinks and sides and the bill was under $30. We finished everything and came really close to getting another meal but it was good.

Then we rushed home to get the kids to bed and I had to do some urgent work for work. Once we had the kids down and my work done, Heath got in bed and got busy job searching and I got out my new toy and some old toys and set up a nice romantic table.


The candles were really there for light and mosquitoes more then atmosphere but it was nice. I took the chains off the saws and unpacked my new sharpener and got busy putting it together. I just about had it all figured out but I got pretty tired and decided the sharpener would be too loud to use late.

I put everything inside and tested the volume of the sharpener and found it was really quiet. I went to bed and set an early alarm so I could come out and sharpen.


I got both chains nice and sharp after my morning run and before my morning splitting.

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