Lost Legs


At the farmers market last weekend we got a few Indian eggplants and the guy selling them suggested stuffing them so I tried it out last night.


These Indian ones taste and look the same but they are small and round. I cut them in half and cut out all the “meat”. Then I fried up the meat w/ ground turkey, cottage cheese and spaghetti sauce. Then I filled in the boats and topped with cheese.


I also made sweet potatoes, broccoli and brown rice. I was in a hurry and didn’t cook the stuffed eggplants long. They were good but the boats were not cooked enough for my preference. Pumpkin emptied hers onto bread and called it a sloppy joe.

After dinner I headed to the pile.


I had a freshly sharpened chainsaw and a lot of wood that was too long. The girls played outside and Heath worked on cleaning out their room. Eventually I got worn out and got in the sandbox with the girls.


We got really dirty and built and decorated a lot of towers and buried 2 girls.


The mosquitoes came out and we packed up the box and hopped in the tub. Once the girls were clean and ready for bed Heath read to them and I got on running stuff. Sanders picked me up and we went out to the trail w/ our headlamps for a 3 mile trail run.

Running with headlamps went way better then expected and we ended up going over 5 miles. We saw several deer, 1 mountain biker and heard some strange cat or something.

Once home I made some really spicy popcorn, ate it and got ready for bed.

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