How I Feel Today


Friday we went to check out Jon and Briana’s newly painted basement and eat some pizza. Then we walked a few blocks over to the Center High school football game.



It was during the Royals game and the stadium was pretty empty and we had plenty of room.


We made it through the halftime show and then headed home.


We got the kids and me to bed early.

I got up just after 5am and headed to work. Our fundraiser started and I needed to help start things off and then work the phones. It was pretty fun and surprisingly I had quite a bit to do.

After working I headed strait to the park and met up with everyone on a play-date with an Isabella from Pumpkin’s class. We ate lunch and the kids ran their butts off. Once home Heath got them down for naps and I got Stephen and some chain saws and we got after a tree.


This tree is leaning pretty bad over the street and we hope to save it. We cut off that lower fork of branches.


Once it was down we cut up all the branches so we could carry them off the street. We put all the big wood in my pile and started a couple of fires for all the brush.



We spent the next couple hours feeding branches into the fires and drinking beers until it was all gone. At the end the kids joined us with smore making supplies.


The barrel was really hot and the marshmallows cooked quick.


Once the fires were safe I headed home and showered and helped Heath get some dinner ready. A bunch of friends came over and we played board games while the kids played in the sanbox and with bubbles.

In the morning we got up early and head to Peanut’s soccer game.


We watched through most of the first half then I got called to an emergency at the station. The girls and I rushed in so I could pull out some bad RAM in a computer.


The girls were excited to come in with me and took advantage of the candy and juice. The station got some good pictures out of the deal.


Once everything was fixed we headed to my mom’s house. Heath and Grant had gotten a ride there. I picked up pizza on the way and we all had lunch then I got busy painting. Mom, Mike and I got fresh paint up on all the primer from the weekend before. Then Heath went to the food truck and Mom gave me and the kids a ride home. They were kind of crabby so I got them busy working it out.




That did the trick. In no time they were much more pleasant.


My mom had sent us home with most of dinner so I warmed it up and put on the Lego movie and we relaxed and ate and watched. We all got showers and ready for bed early. After books and stories we went to bed early.

Peanut does not have school today so he joined me at 5am this morning coming into work.

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