I came in at 5:30 Monday morning and was busy all morning with the stations membership drive. Things slowed down for me in the afternoon and I got to head home early. I got a couple things at Aldi on the way and then crashed for a 20 or so min power nap.

Once up I got busy on dinner. We had fajitas made from duck meat. I used a bit too much seasoning and it was a bit salty but otherwise it was really good and the kids ate it up. I also made fries from the squash growing in the front yard and everyone loved them and asked for more. I just sliced them up like french fries then tossed them in a pan w/ pam and salt.

After dinner we Pumpkin ready for soccer. We had to go early because it was picture night. We pulled into the parking lot and had the good camera and a plan for sneaking team pictures and not paying the professionals. No photographers were there so we went ahead and shot some.



Her shadow wanted some too.


More and more kids showed up but no photographer and no coach. The kids played and we waited around. Slowly parents gave up on pictures and moved down to the field and got the kids kicking balls around. Eventually someone from the Y came and told us she could run some drills and the photographers would be there in 30 min.

Everyone was good with that as long as we were done and home in plenty of time to watch the Chiefs. So we lined them up and started drills.




The other kids played their own games.



No photographers showed up and the new coach did not keep the kids as focused plus everything was pretty off already from all the goofing off at the beginning. Kids and parents started filtering out and eventually everyone just left.

We got the kids ready for bed and made them slushies in the new blender to drink during stories. We got the girls to bed just after the game started. Heath Peanut and I watched the game and ate popcorn until our bedtimes.




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