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Right after work Pumpkin had her 5 yr old checkup. Heath and I went and she was good and healthy and like 3 and a half feet tall. They had to give her two shots and she took them like wonder woman and moved on to the suckers. We have a family rule of ice cream after vaccines but since we had a lot going on we decided to pick up a 1/2 gallon real quick and eat it later.

So Pumpkin and I went to the store to get ice cream and Heath went to pick up Bean. Pumpkin picked out spumoni ice cream loaded with nuts and no dad sad faces could convince her to change her mind. We went home and my crock pot of red beans and rice and brauts was all ready. We made some quick salads and sat down to eat.

Dinner was good and quick and we were just finishing up when our PAT lady came. She was mostly there for an assessment for Pumpkin.


She agreed with the doctor that she is smart and healthy and doing great. Both girls showed off and had a good time. Once the PAT lady left Bean and Heath went to get signatures for the block party next weekend. I mowed the back yard a bit and then Pumpkin and I fixed a board on her monkey bars and then moved the tire swing.


It was a little stupid but it worked out okay. I parked the truck by the tire and put a latter in the bed. I tied it down and then climbed to the top and moved the rope over about a foot. I still need to lower it a bit but it was dark and Heath was calling for dessert.

I skipped dessert so I could keep breathing and instead did the dishes. Then Heath got the girls in bed and I took Berry for a headlamp run in the woods. It went pretty well but was starting to rain so I came back.

Then I made a batch of green hummus and ate it with popcorn. It was pretty good. It was green from green onions, green peppers and jalapenos. Then I showered and went to bed as Heath went over some papers.

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