Weird Guy In The Rain


Heath was cranking out dinner just as Bean and I got home. We all sat down to pasta and meatballs. It was good and we all cleaned our plates and then moved right on to ice cream. We had a bunch of bowls of ice cream and everyone had their fill. Heath got the girls in the tub and got lunches made and dinner cleaned up and some sort of craft project going w/ the kids.

I was feeling a little crazy and decided it was a good time to move the wood pile.


In the rain.


No it was not necessary, yes it was kind of fun. I hauled 2 loads down into the back yard and got 1 of them all stacked up before heading inside. Then I headed downstairs and started cleaning my shop. I think it is a 3 night project and I got phase one done.

Then I took a shower, played on the computer, watched some tv w/ Heath and went to bed.




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