Go Royals


Even though it feels too early, last Thursday Heath and Pumpkin had a costume party at school and we all went.


The kids had a great time making crafts and having snacks and playing. Friday we went out to Chelly’s with the Pottebaum’s.


It was pretty tasty


Saturday we were pretty busy getting set up for our block party.


The party was a lot of fun. The kids bounced a bunch, we all ate a bunch and got to visit/meet neighbors.



Of course there was much talk of the Royals and we ended up getting out the wiffelball.


We stayed up late hanging out by the fire and making plans for game 1 of the world series. In the morning we slept in and took our time getting going.


Then we got dressed up pretty and went to a princess bounce party.


We still had the bounce house and took it with us to the party and again it was filled with princesses.


After the party we took the bounce house back and then went to Peanut’s soccer game.


We were all pretty beat afterwords and ate some party leftovers and got to bed early.

Yesterday I had a broadcast from the K.


We set up on the porch area in a fancy suite.


with a great view


Even though it was a day early it was pretty cool to be there


After work we ate more leftovers and then went to Pumpkin’s second soccer game.


They started out with some warm up drills. Look for the one kid not in a uniform that snuck in.

Then the game started. At first it was crazy

IMG_20141020_182857 IMG_20141020_182859

Little kids kicking and running all over. The ball was never in play for more then 10 seconds and everyone was on the ground as much as on their feet.


Pumpkin was having fun but it was too crazy.


So she went to goalie.


It was still just as crazy but there was less pressure to be in the pile. She was goalie until one of her teammates kicked the ball into her goal. Then she subbed out. She was done playing at this point but we bribed her with Gatorade to give it another shot and she did.


The crazy game kind of deteriorated until eventually they called it a night. Nana K came to watch and afterwords bought us all donuts. Dunkin Donuts has some great pumpkin donuts right now and we got a Royals one to share this morning.








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