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At the end of the day yesterday I found out my work building was going to be out of power for up to 2 hours this morning. So I stayed late figuring out how to keep us on the air. When I got home Heath and the kids were eating a great dinner.


They had been at the community garden harvesting away.


I ate a quick salad and then we went to Pumpkin’s soccer game.


They did some drills and warmed up.


Then the last game started. She jumped right into goalie.


and had some good saves.


She took a break and then got out on the field.


She got a few good kicks in but did not like being in the pile trying to kick with all the other kids so I tried to make her a defender and this went better. She liked the idea of staying back and protecting the goal when the ball popped out of the group.

She played for a while and then talked the new goalie into trading spots with her. After the game they got medals and she was excited to model it for a picture.


We decided to celebrate the end of taking kids to soccer with donuts and hot coco.


Also we are usually up for any excuse to get pumpkin donuts while they are in season. After the game we all went to bed. I had to get up in 4 hours so I just got all my stuff ready to go then crashed.

I got up at 2, started the coffee maker, showered, grabbed a few things and went to work. We got everything ready for the power outage.


There were a few things to fix afterwords and I had a list of things I wanted to get done. I worked on them and got caught up on the blog but now i’m pretty tired and ready for a nap.


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