Date Night: All Day Long


Okay so I’ve had some time off and been pretty busy. We have a lot to catch up on. Before the Date day we had some more Royals games. For a couple we projected them on the garage and had over some neighbors.


I think this is the best way to watch. We had awesome pulled pork a neighbor smoked. The screen was like 90 inches, it was some great nights to be outside and as things cooled off we just moved closer and closer to the fire.

For another game I set up something similar for work.


We took over Snow and Co for the night and after an event we projected the game on their wall to watch. Heath was working late that night and after getting it all set up I went home to get the girls. I had a cookie and rubbed my eye and then my eye went yuck on me.


It was all teary and red and I ended up taping it shut and icing it and watched the game one eyed at home. My eye was a bit pink the next day but otherwise fine.

Friday, Heath and I had the day off. We took the kids to school and then got some coffee.  IMG_20141024_103333

We took our coffee way out into the woods at swope park.


The fall was really rocking the trees.



After our coffee we decided to move right on to beer.


It was a great morning and some great hiking. We headed home and got our bikes out. We peddled them down to Lew’s.


We sat outside and got another beer.


and some burgers


Derrick met up with us for lunch and we hung out for a while before getting back on the bikes. On the way home we visited Amanda and then Jon and Briana. Heath abandoned her bike and Jon and I rode them home and got the truck. Then picked up our kids and Heath and picked up a load of wood from Jon and Briana’s yard.


Later that night Heath took the girls to a haunted house at Peanut’s school.







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