Jolly Jog is Coming

A little disaster, our shirts shipment got delayed and won’t be in until Monday!


Details inside…

17 Shirts are ordered 21 runners drinkers are confirmed.

  • We plan to leave our house at 2:30pm Saturday December 6th. Be there early to get a shirt, have a drink, loosen up, whatever.
  • We will pack everyone into a few vehicles, drive down to Brookside and work our way home. I figure we can make up the stops as we go.
  • Forecast puts the temps in the 30s all day. Maybe some ice as things freeze. It always feels warmer then expected and most people regret so many clothes.
  • If you can’t start or finish with us no problem it’s pretty easy to make this work.
  • I’ll have 2 crock pots of chili and one of vegetable stew hot and ready for us at home. If you feel the need bring some starch; beer, bread, chips, crackers, cookies, cupcakes, beer.
  • Our house will be empty and we have room for everyone to stay. Usually we hang out and karaoke or something once we get home.
  • If you need our address or my phone let me know.
  • If you come and take pictures please upload them for me
  • Let me know if I’m forgetting anything.

10 years of this!


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IMG_0061 (3)



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