Sweet Heart


Surprise I’ve been bad about taking pictures and posting this week. Hopefully I am just saving up for the jolly jog tomorrow.

Monday I made a meatloaf and veggie mix.


After I baked them for an hour Mike and Julie came over and we ate them up with some pie they brought. Everything was really good.

I also got 2 big truck loads of firewood from a neighbor while waiting for them.

We had our PAT in house deal Tuesday and then our PAT advisory meeting at the school on Wednesday with free pizza. Last night we designed and ordered our Christmas card and then did some online Christmas shopping once the girls were in bed.

Yesterday I also got a load of wood from a coworker on my way home.


The wood pile is pretty crazy so I need to get busy splitting again. I picked up a new maul handle and started gluing it to a head last night but it takes 24 hours to dry.

Also at some point we made popcorn and I took a picture.


It’s Friday afternoon and I am ready for the weekend.

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