December Bonfire


Friday we were kind of worn out after work. We decided to use our new Japanese roommate Shin as an excuse to go out to dinner. So we took him to Joe’s for some real Kansas City BBQ. We each got a Z-Man and the girls got kids meals.


Shin surprised us and bought all the food and beers. After we were good and full we went to Walmart. We all needed a few things and Shin got one of those cheep prepaid cell phones. Since dinner was free and the girls did pretty good shopping we went out for frozen yogurt.


Once home we got the girls to bed and we bottled beers.


We brewed this beer like 9 months ago. It is an oak barrel bourbon ale that. The oak and bourbon flavor comes from little oak blocks of wood that we soaked in bourbon for a few weeks and then put into the bucket with the beer. It should be cold and carbonated in 2 weeks or so. Shin did a great job filling bottles and we all enjoyed the strong smell.

Saturday shin went to work at the crime lab. We had a lot of laundry and cleaning and preping to do. After naps we started a fire and friends came over.


The kids ran around the yard and rode bikes and wrote with chalk and had a blast. The adults celebrated Heath and Jon’s new jobs and met Shin. We also cooked up 3 pizza’s on the fire in dutch ovens.


We got the kids in bed after dinner.


And the adults hung out by the fire.


In the morning I made breakfast and then Heath and Pumpkin went to Peanuts church xmas program. Bean and I cleaned up all the party stuff and took care of some chores around the house. Then we came into my work. We got in right after the fundraiser and put everything away.


Bean was a great helper and had a lot of fun. Then we came home and had some lunch and she took a nap. I went outside and ran the chain saw through my pile for a while. Shin had walked to Target and back and then wanted to help.

I taught him how to use the chainsaw and how to spit wood and showed him the process.


We cut and split and stacked until Bean got up then I went inside with her and he kept on working. Heath and Pumpkin went to a birthday party and then came home. The girls helped me make a big pan of enchiladas.


(the sauce on the enchiladas was a mix of powdered enchilada seasoning, plain yogurt and tomatoes)

Heath laid down for a nap and Shin and I took the girls to the park.


We went to Minor and walked the trail a bit and tossed sticks in the river, then they played on the playground a bit. We walked over the red bridge and then headed home.

I tossed the enchiladas in the oven and we made some beans and rice. Nana K and Shin joined us for dinner. After dinner we were all pretty ready for bed. Heath and I had a tough time getting to sleep and ended up finishing off season 1 of Once Upon a Time.

I thought the final episode was done really well, it wrapped up the problems from season 1 and previewed what the next season would be about. It was very satisfying.



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