Heath had plans at 6 so once home we rushed to get dinner. I did a box dinner deal that we added a bunch of tuna to. We also had asparagus, broccoli and carrots. Even when we had eaten all the food we were still kind of hungry.

Heath worked on a project with the girls for a bit and then headed out. I tried to get things cleaned up and keep the girls entertained but it was not working so I put them to work. We found a book with a bunch of kids recipes and picked one we could do easy enough.


Then they got busy, measuring, pouring, mixing and tasting.



We also got some mint tea going.


I didn’t enforce strict measuring and found after the bread was in the oven that the recipe didn’t tell us how long to cook it. We made a guess and got busy reading books. When the timer went off it looked interesting.


But the girls were up for a taste.


And they liked it. I ended up adding some butter and honey and they really liked it.


We ate up about 1/2 the loaf after sharing a big chunk with Shin. Then we read some more and the girls went to bed. I addressed christmas cards and scanned pictures until bedtime.

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