The Plaza


Heath had her first day at her new job yesterday. I picked up the girls and got dinner going. It was time to get rid of some leftovers and things in the fridge so I made some sort of odd noodle casserol type dish. It was pretty good and we all ate when Heath got home. I made too much so when Shin came home we fed him too. Then we all loaded up in the van and went for a drive. We went down Ward Parkway and drove up and down the streets with good lights.


We made our way to the plaza and then parked and went for a walk.



We made our way to Winsteads.


We immediately ordered a skyscraper milkshake. We have not been in a while and now when you get one the employees sing when they bring it. The kids and Shin loved it and were super excited.



We all ate and ate and it was pretty good.


Once it was gone we paid and washed up in the bathroom and made our way back to the van. We went home and got the girls in bed. Heath and I decided to watch an episode of Once Upon A Time and head to bed.

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