Getting Home


So Friday morning we slept in as long as we could. I got up first and showered and started untangling camera gear and separating things. Carri came down and we hung out for a while and eventually the kids and moms got up. We packed everything up said our good byes and went off for a couple errands.

We had gotten a few things at radio shack we didn’t need and took them back first then went to Tito’s Burritos and Wings. Our first night in town we tried to eat here and I was excited to try it but the place was packed and there was no room for the kids. Just about every other meal we planned to go here but something came up. So for our last meal in town we went.


We got burritos, wings and quesadillas and it was all good. We liked the wings so much we sent a bunch back to the sisters as a thanks.

Then we dropped mom back at the church and left. We drove an easy afternoon close to hidden Valley Ski Resort in PA.




We checked into a room and decided to get dinner right away so we could play in the pool as much as we wanted the rest of the night. We decided to try out an old diner.


The food was great and very home-style and everyone loved he pie and milkshakes at the end.


Then we swam a bunch



Eventually we called it a night and got the kids in bed.

In the morning we barely made it to breakfast before it closed. We asked for a late checkin and started planning the day. We were going to go tubing at the ski resort but it was freezing rain and the tube hill closed.


There was another place to tube more out of the way but the weather was supposed to get worse and worse. So we went swimming and used the fitness room and relaxed with cable tv.


At the end of late checkout time We got on the road. We didn’t have a plan and just started driving. We stopped in Wheeling WV at a really fun play area.





It was a lot of fun but the freezing rain followed us and they closed early for the weather. We went for a walk on an old suspension bridge.



IT was actually really cool and the weather made for some good views.



We got back on the road after a quick stop for ice cream then drove on until dinner at 7. We picked up a redbox movie for the kids and hit up a giant asian buffet place with 8 huge tables of food. We stuffed our faces good and then had more ice cream. Then we got ready for bed and Heath took over driving and I went into a food coma.

Eventually Heath called it a night and I got up and got some coffee, tea and jalapeno pretzel bites and took over. I listened to my bear book and the drive went well. When we went through St. Louis the temp was in the low 40s and as we got into KC it had dropped to 14F. Snow started falling pretty good and the roads were rough. We were so close I powered on at about 40MPH on the highway and we made it home at 6am.


Shin had prizes waiting for us.


We just got out of the car and into bed and everyone slept until 11. Then we worked hard unpacking, doing laundry, putting away trip stuff and all the Christmas stuff. We got to bed early that night.

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