Date Skate


Last night we had no kids


They went to the Pottebaum’s to play. After work I walked up to Mikes and had a beer, Heath met me there and we drove down to Crown Center.  We rented skates,

IMG_20150115_174854 IMG_20150115_175914379.jpg

and hit the ice.


We could remember taking Peanut skating once a few years ago but he didn’t like it and we didn’t stay long and no one really enjoyed it. We decided it would probably be less cute but safer if we didn’t hold hands and just skated next to each other and talked.

This worked well and we never fell down but saw several cute couples fall on the ice. After a bunch of loops we returned the skates and went to find something to eat.


We walked across the street but Crown Center is pretty lame at night when it is not Christmas. It didn’t close until 9 but when we went into D’bronx before we ever spoke we were told they old served pizza by the slice that was already made.

So we left on the way to the car we decided to get Mexican at Pancho’s on Main. It’s always open, cheep and really good. We spent $15 and got way too much food.

Then we rushed home and got the kids and rushed them off to bed so we could lay around and digest and watch Game of Thrones.

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