I’m not sure why but Sunday we promised the kids a skyscraper soda and then got way to full to take them for one so we made it up last night.


They were just as excited. We went to the Winsteads on Roe and they had way more flavors. We got a toasted marshmallow and it was really tasty.

For dinner we ate a stew made from a ton of lefteover steak and vegtables Shin had from cooking Japanese food for his coworkers. It was really good but not supper filling so the milkshake finished us off well. Since it was a crock pot meal Heath and I spent our time moving a poorly placed wood pile while the kids played outside.


They played on the tire swing and Bean fell off and bumped her head. She has a scratch by her eye.


The night before I cut up a bunch of wood for more to split.


The kids played in the driveway.


I’ve been feeling kinda sick so getting to bed early and not getting into anything too exciting.


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