Super Weekend


Sorry no post last week, here is a mini update. We watched a bunch of kids one night for date night.


It was nice and we got to play at the park one night.


Heath went to a play with Shin.



I killed my old cell phone. I’d been planning the replacement for several months and had multiple spreadsheets of options ready so was quickly able to replace it with a new phone I like a lot. This was a good busy weekend. Friday Derrick, Bobbie and Adrienne came over for dinner. Shin made curry and rice and I made some sushi.


the kids played and it was fun. That night once Bean was in bed Heath watched a movie in bed with the other kids and Shin and I went for some drinks. We got a beer at Tommy’s but it was really loud and crowded and Shin wanted to see different places so we went on to Patrick’s. It was better and pretty fun and the bartender was really interested in Shin’s story. After a couple drinks there we went to Ugly Joe’s for a few more drinks and some food.

We had a great time and then walked the 1.7 miles home.

In the morning it was raining but I bundled up, fed the kids and then jogged up to get the van. Once home Heath got up and we did a workout video then everyone showered and dressed. Heath and I ate some eggs then we went to Izzy’s school for a PAT event. First the kids had a make your own waffle bar.


Then we did a Home Depot tool time building thing.


The girls made valentines boxes.



and Peanut made a little sled.


Everyone had a good time building and we came home with all our fingers intact.



Then we painted.




Then the kids had another round of waffles while the paint dried. After waffles they built with boxes, drew w/ crayons and made little tool books.


Our projects dried and we cleaned up and headed out. We decided to go right to Costco for lunch and some supplies. We shopped first then ate.


Somehow the kids were hungry again and ate pizza and hot dogs. Then we got ice cream and churros.

All the building, shopping and eating wore us out so we went home for naps.

After naps we rushed off to Grant’s soccer game. We dropped him off then parked and got in just in time to watch him score.


The excitement was short lived as the other team was much better and pretty physical. They way outscored our team and several kids got minor injuries. Peanut still had fun.


After the game we went right to Ikea to look at ottoman’s and closet organization for the girls. The kids played in the playroom and we walked a bunch and got a handful of things but nothing we came for. It was like 8:00 when we got home and we were starving. I had a dinner plan so we didn’t eat out. Luckily I had done most of the dinner prep before we left so I could get it all ready really quick.


We got the girls in bed then watched Guardian’s of the Galaxy before bed.

In the morning I got busy cooking. First up was a loaf of banana bread.



Next was 2 blueberry pies.

DSC_0057.JPG DSC_0058.JPG


Thats all the same pie, the second was a cold pudding one but I didn’t take a picture I guess.

I used the extra crust dough to make cookies.


Then let the kids decorate.


I also made pulled pork in 1 crock pot, re-fried beans in another crock pot and Mexican rice in the rice cooker.

We ate random leftovers for lunch and the girls napped while Peanut played at a friends house. Heath went for a run.


and when she got home I went for a run. I’m signed up the the Brew to Brew run w/ a work team and need to run at least one 4 mile stretch. The most I usually ever run is 3 miles and I try to avoid running on the road. So I decided to see what it would be like. It was rain/snowing a bit but it went pretty good. I accidentally ran 4.68 miles and felt tired at the end but recovered quickly enough.

Heath and I got showers and a bit more party setup and then friends started to show up.


I didn’t get any pictures but we had a little 3 on 3 football game before the festivities really kicked off to help teach Shin about football. It was really fun even though it was cold and windy.

We came in and got eating just before the game.



It was a great spread


While we watched the game the kids watched movies on a tv we setup in their room for the party.


The kids did take a break for a dance party during Katy Perry 1/2 time.


The game got pretty exciting and afterwords everyone rushed their kids home to bed. We did the minimum amount of cleanup, got our kids in bed and headed to bed ourselves.

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