Sick Bean


Late Monday afternoon I got a call from daycare. Bean was complaining and pulling on her ear. I picked her up a little early from daycare. She and Pumpkin laid on the couch, snuggled in blankets and watched tv. Bean never watches TV so we knew something was wrong. When Heath got home she took her to the doctor. Last week Bean had an ear infection in both ears and the antibiotics took care of one side but not the other. So they got her some different drugs. We ate dinner and read books and got to bed as early as we could.

Bean had a rough night, waking up over and over with her ear/head hurting. We got tired of getting out of bed so eventually we moved her into our bed. She still had trouble sleeping but didn’t cry out so much. Instead she pushed and squished on Heath and I.

We all woke up feeling tired, sore and grouchy. My back was a mess. Bean and I helped get Pumpkin and Heath out the door and we ate breakfast and slouched around the house a bit. I decided to fix my back before I could get much done so I did 25 minutes of stretching/back strengthening videos at hasfit. I felt way better and Bean watched, worked along and built legos. We put up a play tent and built her a little sick fort and she watched Elmo while I got some work work done and got laundry going.


When she got bored we did some dinner prep getting dry beans cooking and then got out a big pile of books and the ipad. We read all the books while downloading a bunch of new games. Then we tried out the games.

1 out of like 6 games was pretty good. Most had too many in app purchases to be good for Bean. She can’t read and clicks every ad that takes over the screen. We both liked ABC Ninja and eventually resorted to our old good games. If you have some good games for 3yr olds please pass them along.

I wanted plenty of time for Bean naps so we got started on lunch. Even though she was sick I made her make her own lunch.




It was a pretty good looking pizza. Once she was done making it she specifically asked me to cut up mushrooms for her.


I was surprised but did it. Then cooked it up.


She was getting tired and didn’t eat much before going to bed with no complaint. I had some more work to do and 4 baskets of laundry to fold and put away. While doing this I watched 1 of the 3 hours of the Wolf of Walstreet and enjoyed what I saw.

Bean got up just as I was making dinner. We cooked some seasoned quinoa and mixed it with some veggies, black beans and tofu. Then we scooped it into tortillas, put them in a casserol pan and covered it with cheese and enchilada sauce.

Bean was in a good mood and snuck a lot of bites of dinner. So once it was ready we ran some errands. We picked up a package for Shin at the post office and looked for new running shoes for me then picked up Pumpkin from daycare. All the kids hugged Bean when we got there.

We went home and the girls watched more Elmo as I got dinner warmed up and Heath came home and we ate. It was really good but the sauce was a bit spicy for the girls.

Heath left for a school meeting and the girls and I had a tea party.


I’m not real sure how these things go so I told the girls to cross their legs and put their hands in their laps. We had a ritz cracker, a slice of salami and a pickle. We served tea from a cow. We took turns giving eachother compliments (or saying very random things for Bean) and talking about things we wanted to do when we grow up. Once all the tea and snacks were gone I got them in pajamas and painted their toes.


While it dried we read a few books and then played an alphabet game where Bean found animals and said what they were and Pumpkin matched them with the words for their name.

Then we all went to bed early.

We had a much better night of sleep and Bean only got up once. Yesterday she went to school and I went to work. Pumpkin had asked for spaghetti and green beans for dinner and I agreed but told her she had to cook it.

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She didn’t love the idea but worked hard and I think enjoyed herself.

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Bean was a good helper too.


Everything turned out really tasty and the girls ate good dinners.



After dinner Heath took the girls for a few quick errands and I went to go pick up a truck load of wood from a neighbor down the street. They were still gone when I got back so I got out the chain saw and cut for a bit on the wood. Then we got the kids in bed and Heath read them books while I did dishes and then cleaned up all the kitchen.

Once we were done Heath and I did 15 min of abs and cardio. Then we watched Game of Thrones, showered and went to sleep. Bean did not wake up at all last night and has not mentioned her ear.

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