Some Snow


Monday I headed into work early. I had a few things to get ready for NPR’s president and CEO.


He came to the station and visited with major donors, important people and even us regular staff folks.  It was pretty cool. Since I came in early I headed out a little early at the end of the day. I rushed to get the kids and get on snow clothes and then we went out to play.


My plan was to shovel the drive while the kids made a snowman or something but they only wanted to sled so instead we went to the back and got out the sleds. I decided to give Bean an early birthday present and we broke out her new sled.


She was nice and shared it with the other kids.


. We all sledded for longer then I expected before toes and fingers got wet/cold.


So we headed in and I got a bunch of hot chocolate loaded with marshmallows going for the kids and made dinner.

Bean helped me make 2 great pizzas and when Heath got home the 5 of sat down and ate all of both of them.

Last night we cooked up a big pot of Marti Gras jambalaya and cake and had a birthday party for Nana K.


Dinner was really good and hid prizes in the cake like a king cake.  Then the kids got ready for bed and we cleaned up. Once Bean was down Pumpkin led us in some game she invented and called pirates. We followed a treasure map to gold coins and other prizes. Then we played a drawing game until the other kids went to bed.

Heath and I watched a bit of Game of Thrones then also went to bed.

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