We had a few nice days this week. One day we went to the park.


One day we played in the drive.


While the kids played in the drive I cut up the last of the logs in my wood pile and this morning I got the last of it split up and stacked. There are 2 big piles left of rounds that are too gnarly to split by hand left so I hope to rent a splitter soon and get them all split up. I’m guessing I have 2 years worth of wood seasoning now.

We also had Parents As Teachers one night this week.


We ate a healthy dinner and then went and ate a ton of ice cream another night.


And last night the Pottebaums came over and helped us eat a big meatloaf and the kids played a bunch. I ate the leftovers for breakfast this morning and it was really good.

This is Shin’s last weekend here so we are having a party Saturday night for him. Feel free to come by.

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