Bean’s 3rd Birthday Parties


Friday after school and work Olive came over. It was fairly nice out. I worked on some cleaning and dinner and the kids went out to play.


Once Heath got home I ran to deliver an old couch we sold on Craigslist. When I got home everyone was getting started eating dinner and Heath’s mom and sister stopped by with some birthday presents.


After they left we got the kids in pajamas laying down watching a movie and we did a bunch of cleaning up. The house was loaded with snow gear leftover from last weekend and a big pile of stuff we picked up from my grandparents house plus we needed to get things cleaned up for Bean’s birthday party. Once the house was clean I went out to play with my friends.

Stooks and Derrick came by and first we patched Derrick’s tire. We found a tiny nail in it and pulled it out then put in a gooey stick of tire patch stuff. It seems to have worked great. We kicked the soccer ball around for a while then Jon and Briana came to get Olive and Stephen came by. We played some Izzy ball for a while and then went in and hung out inside.

The girls got us up way too early and so I took them to Home Depot and put them to work.




We made bookends and then painted them.



They turned out pretty good. We also rushed to the store for cake making supplies and then rushed home to get Peanut and took him to his game.


It was his last indoor game but I think he starts outdoor in like a week.

Once home I opened a giant can of ravioli and the kids ate it up. Then the girls laid down and Peanut and I got into bakeing mode.


Bean’s cake request was “orange”. So we made 4 round cakes.


We used lemon cake mix and beat a can of mandarin oranges into it, added lemon pudding orange juice concentrate and food coloring to it. Then once they came out of the oven we added orange jello.


Then we stacked them up and put a layer of whip cream and another can or so of mandarin oranges inside.


We had orange icing so once it was all cool we iced it up. It looked pretty odd. I added more oranges to the top.


Bean woke up right as we were adding sprinkles.


We made pasta salad and humus and got a few more things ready for the party then friends started showing up. This party was just for family and it was a nice small group. We ordered pizza and then got out the cake.


We sang happy birthday and with some help Bean blew out the candles. Then these guys cut it up.


and we ate it.



After cake we opened presents.


Then played and hung out for a bit.


We were all pretty worn out and when everyone left we put on our pajamas and a show. Heath and I crashed on the couch right away and woke up just in time to get the girls to bed.

Daylight savings helped us to sleep in and after a great breakfast we headed to the trail.


We did a bunch of hiking and it was really nice.


We are working on getting Pumpkin stronger so she can hike a bunch on our summer trip this year. She did great and took pride in carrying the kids water and everyone’s snacks. Since she carried them she got to dish them out at breaks.


Berry came with us and other then not finding enough water he had a great time.


We hiked about a mile then turned around and hiked out a little different way.


We were all ready for lunch.


We quickly warmed up pizza leftovers when we got home and got the girls down for naps. Heath ran to the doctor and then rested. I worked on some truck problems and some truck cleaning and then cleaned the garage and got a few things ready for the next party.

Then we got all dressed up and rushed off to McDonalds. We did a little setup.


Then started playing.



I was hungry again and I think the kids were too so we ate dinner.




After the happy meals then brought out ice cream.


and a cake.


We sang happy birthday again and then she blew out the candles.


The kids didn’t eat much and we moved right into presents.



Then got back to playing




We hung out and talked and watched the kids play for an hour or so before packing up and heading home. Heath got the girls cleaned up and in bed and Peanut and I went for a long run/ride. We drove to the little lake off Blue River Road and then I ran and he rode his bike. We went 2.77 miles before turning around and heading back. We went fast and talked a bunch and it was a really good workout and really nice. The sun was setting and the weather was great.

Once home we got ready for bed and Heath and I worked at the computer a bit before calling the weekend over.

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