New Bike


This week has been so nice. We stayed outside as much as we could. Monday night we were pretty beat from the weekend so we just grilled some fish and hung out on the deck.


Tuesday we had a crock pot meal ready so after work we tossed bikes in the truck and drove over to Leawood park. Heath and Peanut went fast in one direction with him ridding and her running.


Pumpkin was excited to ride her bike so we went slower the other direction and I pushed Bean in the stroller.


I jogged a bit going down hills and pushed both girls a bit going up. Most of the trip was a fast walk. We went pretty far then stopped for a water break.


Then we headed back. We met Heath and Peanut at the playground and let the kids play a while.


Last night we invited a bunch of friends to meet up at Sunnyside park to play and eat.



We had a lot of fun, I think 19 people came. We played with balls, talked and the kids climbed on the playground.

Once home we rushed to get the kids bathed and in bed. Heath got in a quick run and then went to Target for a present while Peanut and I quickly baked a bunch of cookies for Bean to take to her classmates. Then we partially assembled the bike (we thought it may be too big) and got to bed.

In the morning Peanut and Pumpkin got up a little early to help get breakfast ready.



We made a 3 layer pancake and yogurt cake w/ lots of sprinkles and surrounded in bacon and orange slices.


Then we woke up Bean w/ the birthday song and she blew out the candles.


We all climbed into bed with her and ate our breakfast.


She was pretty excited and everyone really liked the pancakes.


Then we brought in the new bike.


She hopped right on and it looks like it will be a great fit with room to grow.



Then we all got ready for school and work. It was pre St. Pats day party at school already so Bean is in for a really fun day.







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