Green Drinks


Monday night was Bean and my last night on our own. She was eager to play with her new bike.


She does not really get the peddles or steering stuff yet but she loves to climb on it and talk about and be pushed around.

While she played on the bike and in the sandbox I cleaned up a bunch of the garage.


I also got all our camping gear put away and did a lot of dishes and laundry. We ate leftovers and eggs for dinner and then ran to Aldi and restocked the fridge. After that I read to Bean for a bit. Once she was in bed I folded a bunch of laundry and watched the Wolf of Walstreet then went to bed.

Last night Heath and Pumpkin came home and we had some green drinks.


And got out the bikes.


After our drinks we hopped in the car and went to Jon and Briana’s. We ate soup and bread and had some drinks while the kids played. Then we had green cake and ice cream.


We got home at bedtime and called it a night. Heath and I watched a bit of tv before bed.

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