Spring Break


I took off Thursday and Friday for Spring Break. Peanut was with his dad and Pumpkin went to daycare so I’m not sure why it was for Spring Break but that’s why I took off. Thursday started with me getting after truck problems.


I actually got going Wednesday night and once the kids were gone Thursday morning I got right back into it.


The main thing I did was replace a leaky valve cover gasket.


It was not terrible to get to but took a while. The gasket was really a crazy shape and had to connect with 10 screw holes and fit into space perfectly. Mine did not and after several hours it was leaking worse then when I started and I took it into the shop. Unrelated to my work I also developed a screatchy metal on metal noise and had the shop fix that too. I did manage to flush my coolant system before giving up.

I drove the truck down the street and walked home. I got busy cleaning and doing random chores around the house and getting the basement ready for renters. Then I brewed some beer.


While brewing I played a bit with some parts of a kegging system I had and then ordered the parts I didn’t have so I could keg this batch in a couple weeks.

Friday we let the kids sleep in then took them to daycare and did some more chores and cleaning up around the house. Then Heath and I grabbed a backpack of gear and ran out the door and down to Sunnyside park.


First off we played some tennis.


We had not played in a long time and were pretty bad but we had fun.


Then we got hungry and started running some more. We stopped for a bit of thrift store shopping then ran down to Waldo and went to Quinton’s for lunch. We sat just inside the big garage door and it was really nice.


Then we ran all the way home with 1 quick pitstop on the way at Corner Cocktail. We got cleaned up and then got the kids and met up with friends at Bier Co. The kids played and had snacks



and we hung out for a while sipping on giant beers.


A friend of Heath’s came over for dinner after and we had a really good lasagna I made. We were exhausted after dinner and went to bed.

Saturday morning we got up and got everyone outside. Heath and I tackled the jungle area in our yard. We cut up a ton of brush and burned it.


It was hard work and we made good progress. At lunch we were hungry and let our brush fire burn down so we could cook.


After lunch we cut a bit more and burned a bit more then headed inside for naps.

After naps the girls got packed up and uncle James watched Bean and Nana-K watched Pumpkin. Heath and I put on our fancy pants.


We stopped by a friends birthday party and then went to a hotel downtown for a Mexican ball. I had won tickets from work we were not real sure what it was. First we had a drink.


Then a 13 piece marriatchi band took the stage and started the ball. It was actually an Ethnic Enrichment ball hosted by Mexico. There were people dressed up to represent a bunch of countries and after a nice Mexican dinner the entertainment started.

There was 90 minutes of Mexican dancing from various regions and it was all pretty cool.




After that they opened the dance floor to us but I was not feeling great and we headed home and got to bed.

In the morning we got an even earlier start on the back yard. the fire still had coals burning so once we piled on more brush it got going.


We probably worked even harder and got pretty far into the jungle. We are somewhere between 1/2 and 2/3s through cutting out all the little stuff and burning it. Not sure pictures really help.


Eventually we called it a day and watched our fire burn down some.


Then we got busy on lunch.



We grilled up a bunch of stuff for lunch and dinner.


Nana-K brought Pumpkin home and ate with us. Once we were good and full we got cleaned up and the kids down for naps. After naps we packed up some stuff and met up with Rachel, Alex and Helen for park picnic.


We played and ate and it was really nice. Then we got a walk in and Pumpkin did some bike ridding. We got home early and did a few random things in the front yard.



I also checked on our fire and it was still smoldering.


We burned enough brush to fill the big grill and have a lot of ash on the ground around it.

Then we headed in and bathed the girls and got them to bed. Heath and I spend all our free time over the last 4 days watching Game of Thrones and once the girls were in bed we watched the last episode and are all caught up and ready for season 5 to start next month.


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