Well by now I don’t really remember when we did what but I looked at where the pictures from last post ended and I’ll start there. First up Community Garden with Parents as Teachers.


We met one nice evening and uncovered our 6 boxes and began mixing up the soil.



We have a full box of strawberries that were leftover from the year before, doing well and should produce like crazy this year. We also had some rows of garlic we planted in Nov. and are growing.  Once the ground was ready we made little rows and planted.



We did some interesting things like blue potatoes and rainbow carrots.


Then we cleaned up and watered everything.


Once home the kids played outside and I took Pumpkin’s training wheels off and we did a little practice learning.

Last week she also had kindergartener roundup at the school down the street. We all walked down together.


It was pretty exciting to tour the school and meet the teachers and learn about what they should know coming in and what they will know coming out. Pumpkin was super excited to look at the great stuff in the classrooms and find desks from some kids she knew from preschool last year. They got a bag of goodies a cookie and a pirate hat.


Not sure why roundup was pirate themed as the school mascot is a bulldog I think.

Friday we went to some friends house who home brew, have little girls and can make some great burgers.


We all had a great time, eating drinking, dressing up and hanging out.


We stayed really late and then rushed to bed once home.

In the morning Sanders, Berry and I went on a trail run.


It was great.

Then I ate breakfast w/ the girls and we got ready and went to Peanuts soccer game. It was cold and we had a great parking spot so we watched from the car and sat sipping our coffee. The girls did some coloring.

Then we went home and brough one of Peanut’s friends. We cooked up fish and chicken nuggets for lunch then the tired girls napped while the boys played.  Heath and I worked on clearing out what we call “the jungle area” behind our house. We worked really hard cutting brush, breaking it up, carrying it out and burning it.


It was probably too windy to burn but we risked it and burned a bunch. Pictures are not real good but it is looking really different.


We worked until we were starving and really stinky. Then we got cleaned up and I did not want to cook so we went out. We found a sushi groupon and got after it.


Man was it good.


Everyone ate really well.



Then we did some shopping but Bean was tired and crabby and getting into trouble. Sushi is not real filling for me and for some reason we had promised the kids dessert so we went to a play-place got a few burgers and lots of ice cream. The kids played then we ate and headed home.

Once the girls were in bed we put on Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy but Heath and I fell asleep durring it. Peanut said it was good. In the morning we ate breakfast then went on attack.


Actually Heath only ran the saw the last 5 min we were out. Most of the time she was cleaning the basement and weeding in the front and I was continuing to clear out the back and burn brush. I got all the brush cleared but then cut out most of the stuff on the left side of this pic.


Peanut and I got the last of the stuff hauled out of the jungle and trimmed the remaing trees so nothing much is growing lower then my head.

We were left with a still giant brush pile to burn and 2 great piles of nice bonfire wood to use this spring/summer. We kept burning until we were out of time besides a little lunch break of spaghetti.

Then we got cleaned up and headed to the great mall. A little girl in Bean’s new preschool had a birthday party at Monkey Business.


All the kids got to run around and have lots of fun while Heath shopped and I paced the room watching them or dominating the air hockey table.






After playing for 90 minutes the kids dominated some pizza, cake and ice-cream. After the party it was late and Heath and I were starving and the kids claimed they still were. So we hit up a Mexican place real close and got some great burritos and stuff.  Then headed home.

We got the girls in bed and did a bit more basement cleanup and then got ready for bed. Heath and finished Game of Thrones and have watched a few Spartacus episodes but have not decided if we will stick with it.

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