A Cute Week


So Peanut is doing well in cub scouts and advanced to weblos2 this week. He also had a check out the band night at school.




Pumpkin graduated preschool and had a really fun program for us.


We got her some flowers and took pictures with her teachers (and sister).


and some friends.


and grandmas


and parents


and my favorite with the graduate Izzy picture she made.


Friday Heath headed off to the food truck after work and the girls and I got busy in the yard, splitting and moving wood, planting peppers, tending the garden, cleaning out the garage and burying kids.



Drake came over and joined us outside and we played pretty late before I had to hose the kids down and feed them. After we ate we went to the playground.



Once my watch showed 8:00 we headed over to Sonic for 1/2 price shakes. We took them home and started a movie.


Once the shakes were gone we paused and got ready for bed.


By 9 we were all beat and the kids did great going right to bed.

In the morning Heath took them all to Peanuts soccer game.


I worked in the yard trimming all the trees and bushes and cutting back a ton of growth in our jungle area. I worked all morning and just before 2 I had a giant pile in the truck to take to the drop off site.

When I got back Heath left for more food truck and I got cleaned up and then fixed up a backpack with treats and a few fishing poles. When the girls got up from naps we headed to the river.


It had rained a lot and was pretty muddy so no one was in our spot. 1431962312682

The girls did pretty good at first.



But it did not take long for them to be more interested in playing with the worms.


And getting into the treats.



I was ready for a treat too.


We decided the water was moving too fast and was too muddy to catch fish so we did some exploring on the river.




We had so much fun looking for shells and skipping rocks and getting our toes wet we ended up staying way past dinner. NanaK called and we decided to join her and Mike for dinner at his house and watch the Royals. I grabbed new clothes for me and pajamas for the girls and then we went to Mikes. Heath got done at food truck and met us there. We had a feast on lasagna and food truck leftovers.

After the game we headed home and to bed. It was a bit of a crazy night with flooding and tornado sirens and stuff but the girls slept through it all.

Bean was the first one up and we made french toast and bacon and did some research on fixing a antifreeze leak on the van. She was being a bit rowdy and I didn’t want to wake the others so I tossed her in the stroller and we went for a jog to check the creek.


The water was pretty high and a giant tree had wedged itself against the bridge and there was a ton of sticks and trash that had washed ashore along with lots of balls. We picked out 5 that would fit in the stoller and started jogging home.


There was a little stand for a bike race or something we passed and the volunteers gave Bean a cookie. Once home the other girls were up and we were all ready for breakfast. We ate and worked on cleaning and laundry and I got busy bottling a chocolate stout.

Sanders and I had made a half batch of it a few weeks ago and it was ready to bottle but needs to age for 2-12 months. Since it was a 1/2 batch we had to weigh and divide everything.


Even the bottling sugar.

Then we had a quick lunch and Heath and Pumpkin headed off to a show with cousins.


Bean and I ran to home depot for $5 worth of hose clamps and a T section of pipe, then to O’Reilly for a $1 piece of hose. Then she went to bed. I re-watched the youtube video on how to fix the leak and then did it.


It was actually just as easy as it looked and saved us the $85 part. As I was finishing up Heath texted the show was over and they were headed to Bier Co. I got Bean ready and a few snacks and off we went. It was a great afternoon, good beer, good snacks and lots for the kids, even a moonwalk.




Eventually we had to go and Pumpkin went with her cousins and we took Bean home to help brew another beer.


This is a Brown Ale that smells pretty good and I hope to put it in the keg in a few weeks.

While it was boiling we stashed the bottles from the stout.


Worked in the garden.



and played with the new balls.


Then we went to a family graduation party and met back up with cousins and Pumpkin. The kids ran around crazy and had lots of fun. Once it was too dark we headed home and rushed to bed.



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