2015 GART Day 10 Manzanita Lake


I got up fairly early and it was bright and sunny out.


There was a bike trail not far from our site so I ran along the lake shore until I could see it and then ran it for about an hour. I had a bit of a cold, was maybe at altitude and not used to running and it was a really rough jog but I enjoyed it.

At the store I had gotten sausage and eggs so we cooked up a good breakfast.


Then we started packing up our site. The tent was wet so we left it up as long as we could to get it dry but eventually packed up the wet tent.

At this point we split into two groups. Bean and Heath drove on toward San Fran with Aunt Colleen and the big kids continued the adventure we me on to Lassen Volcanic National Park. After 90 minutes or so of driving we discovered both groups were still going the same direction and hungry so we met at In and Out burger for lunch. Then we split for real.

The kids and I drove a few hours on right to our campsite. We quickly set up the tent and a clothesline and hung our wet stuff. Then we rushed to the visitor center and checked on the Jr. Ranger program just before it closed. Then we rushed to the general store and found they were done with canoe rentals for the day but they had ice cream. We got 3 “small” cones.


Our campsite and the store were right by Manzanita Lake and we could not go out on the lake but it was so pretty we decided to hike around it.


It was late in the day but still hot and sunny.


Even more then hot we were dirty it had been quite some time since we had showers so we got in.


It felt great to sit in the cold water and splash it on my face and in my armpits. Plus you could not beat the view.


We put back on our shoes and I worked my way back to camp with the goofballs.


We cooked the meal Pumpkin had been looking forward to all trip.


Then the kids gathered wood and set up a great campfire.


We cooked marshmallows and listened to music and the kids looked for friends and then it got dark and we went to sleep.

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