2015 GART Day 9 Fashoda Campground


This campground was pretty nice but unique in that there was no parking near the tent. There was a lot at the top of the hill and roads down to the sites but they just wanted you to use the roads for unloading and loading.


Once everyone was up we had coffee and fruit and oatmeal and stuff.


Then we got ready for the day, packed up a few things, drove down the road away and went on a hike.


It was hot and sunny but pretty. At what turned out to be the half way point we stopped and took a break and thought we were almost at the end. I ran ahead and found the waterfall was quite a ways farther but well worth it.


Not just to see but to play. So I jogged back, got the gang and we hiked on. Once we could see the falls we took off our shoes and started playing and cooling off.




It was a lot of fun but still pretty hot and we were getting hungry and tired so headed back.


Once we got to our site we cooked up some lunch.


The rain came back so we ate inside.


Then Pumpkin and Temp laid down to rest and watch a show.


So I took the other kids to the store with me.

Bean got a great nap in and stayed in the car with Peanut as I ran in and got supplies. She slept the whole way back also. Then all the kids watched some shows.


The rain continued on and off all night but we were pretty good at cooking in the rain by now.


Then the rain stopped. We had been hoarding dry wood in our bear box all weekend so rushed to get it burning.


We made a nice fire.


Once it calmed down we grilled marshmallows.


and made a new style of smore.


Everyone was pretty tired and we got into the tents just before a thunderstorm started really pouring down. We slept great and stayed dry.

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