2015 GART Day 8 Up with the Sun, Down with the Hail


I can’t remember exactly when I set my alarm but I think it was like 5:15am and we made coffee real quick, tossed the kids in the van still in pajamas and drove out.


It was a bit of a long drive to Glacial point and we expected to see a lot of animals but we didn’t see much on the drive. When we got there the sun was just up and blasting our faces.


There were quite a few people up there but most were busy and not really there to check out the view like us.


They were there to hang glide.


We got to watch a bunch of them set up and then take off.


The view was really nice.


and the gliders just added to it.


We watched for a while…


but I got really hungry so we cooked up some breakfast.


It was a nice spot for a meal


and a cup of coffee.


That was nearly it for the fun part of the day. We drove back to camp and cleaned it all up and packed up our gear and tent and hit the road. We didn’t have cell service as we left and then my phone got wacky and I could not use it. The screen showed up but my touches didn’t register and it was doing it’s own things on the screen. We didn’t really have a plan for my cell dieing. Heath’s cell had no data in our location so we used an old atlas as best we could to figure out where we were and what direction we needed to go. We were on small windy roads and not finding very big towns. We struggled to find bathrooms but eventually did and got a recommendation for a pizza place for lunch.

Heath and I were a bit frustrated tired and everyone was hungry. Once inside we found the place was kind of a mess. The buffet looked bad and the employees worse but they had beer and we didn’t know where else to go so we ordered a pizza.

The pizza turned out to be great and the beer was not bad. We found out they had free wifi so got another beer and some quarters for the kids to use on arcade games. Heath had work work to do and I had to figure out where we were going and what was wrong with my phone. I got our plans for the next few days figured out and found out my phone was probably not a software issue I could fix on the road. Once Heath was done with work we drove by a little cell repair shop and they could not fix my phone so we picked up a cheep $40 android tracfone at walmart. I moved my sim and sd card and we were back in business. Our maps, books and music were back at least.

Then we drove on to Union Valley Reservoir.


The weather looked a little rough and eventually got worse and on the way it poured a few times. Just before an early dark we got into the mountains and found our site, aunt Colleen and lots of hail.


We considered driving back up the road and looking for a cabin but decided to wait out the rain and go with it. Everything worked out fine. The rain backed off a bit and we got the tent up.


Colleen had a dinner mostly made we just needed to heat up.


And now we had a warm dry place, hot food and things were good again.


Also Colleen had wine so we were much better. We spent the early part of the evening hanging in our tent. Eventually we made up our beds and head to sleep. It rained off and on for much of the night.

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