Pappy is 35


We had a great weekend for my birthday. Friday after work we quickly fed the kids and laid the kids down for naps then Heath and I worked on getting stuff ready for the movies and the pool party. Then the kids got up and gave me a few presents. Mostly some beautiful original artwork and a new hammock that I’ll probably try to camp in sometime soon.


Then we hopped in the van and drove over to the drive in, we went past it and loaded up on 1/2 price shakes at Sonic then went back to the drive in. We found out their power was out from the storm and the one just a ways east had gotten hit by lightning and was not showing any kids movies so we headed out to Merriam. This one was packed but we made it on time and found a spot.


We converted the back of the van into a bed/lounge area for Heath and the girls and Peanut and I set up in camp chairs.


We had our shakes and the kids played at the playground until the movie started. At first our view looked terrible.


The girls were all fine in the van but Grant and I only could see 2/3rds of the screen until we moved our chairs into just the right spots. Then we were all set.


We watched Inside Out and it was really good. Bean never watches anything and she did pretty good. After the first movie The girls got in their carseats, reclined and went to bed. Then Jurassic World started and Heath was out 20 minutes later so Peanut and I watched it. After the movie we rushed home and into bed but it was nearly 2am before I got to bed.

In the morning I had a list of stuff to get ready and got busy right away. At 10 friends started to show up and the party was on.


We spent a bunch of the day in the pool but we also fired up Stephen’s smoker.


We started out with a load of chicken drumsticks, brauts and hotdogs. We smoked those for lunch then reloaded the grill.


So much ribs.


All afternoon we swam and played games and drank 5 gallons of home brew brown ale and had a great time with friends. Then it was time for dinner.


After we were stuffed with ribs we got out cake and sang.


Eventually we put the kids to bed and it got dark and we ended up hanging out on the deck talking and drinking late into the night.

In the morning we did a bunch of cleanup then went to Paola to see Heath’s mom. We met at a Mexican place and they told them it was my birthday. So I got ice cream and a sombrero.


Then we spent the day… at the pool.


Then we got more ice cream. The kids fell asleep right away and we tried to move them right to bed when we got home but they got up and ate dinner and put on pajamas before crashing.

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