Rainy July Week


Monday Peanut cooked us enchiladas for dinner then the tornado sirens started and we got after cleaning up the basement while the kids watched VHS tapes. It was unlimited trashbags week so we filled a bunch of them. Tuesday after work Heath went running. The kids and i got dinner stuff ready and chores then drove up to minor park and met her. Since we were just there the week before we drove over to the rope park in grandview.



Then they dropped me off and I started my run home. It was nice and cool out and raining lightly. I was feeling good when I got near the house and kept running to Leawood park before turning towards home. It ended up just under 11 miles.

I was really hungry after and ate a bunch before bed.

Wednesday Pumpkins preschool teacher came over for a hair party.




I got out of there after dinner and headed to the bar.


Actually I headed to 4 bars with a bunch of strangers.


Similar to our triathlon this group rides bikes to bars and has beers.


I was kind of out of my element on my walmart bike an no knowledge of the biking world but I know beer and that was enough to make it a fun night.

Thursday night we had taco party at Stephen and Becky’s house.


We all had a lot of fun eating and drinking and talking. Then we made funnel-cakes for dessert. Once home we got the kids in bed and tried to get in the pool but it was too cold.

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