Big Lake


Friday night Pumpkin had Spanish class and Heath took her so Bean and I packed up all our gear, clothes and food in the van and once they were done we headed out to Big Lake. We got a late start and had to stop for things we forgot and when we got there it was starting to get dark and past the girls bedtime.

We let them play for a bit then go to bed. We hung out on the deck, had some beers and watched the lake until bed.

In the morning we all got up around 8:45 and Heath went for a run right away. The gravel road by the house makes a 3 mile loop so she ran that and I got the kids eating fruit, yogurt and granola. When she got back, she jumped in the lake and then I did the same loop. She was right to jump in the lake it was really hot but I wanted to get breakfast and get on with the day. I ate quick and then we got on swimsuits and headed down to the boat.


We got it ready for the lake and then Stooks took us for a ride.


It was really nice and sunny out and after a bit he let us drive.


It got pretty hot out there so we went back to the dock and jumped in.


The water felt great and we played a bunch.



Then we got hungry so got the grill going and loaded it up. We had brauts, green beans, chips and fruit.


While we cooked the kids checked out a playhouse next door and after lunch showed us and then laid down for naps. After naps it was really warm out so we headed back to the water.


This time we took the tube with us.


And took turns ridding it.





Stooks gave each parent 2 rides and each kid 4 rides before the sun got the best of us and we headed back to cool off.



We spent all afternoon in the water cooling off and wearing the kids down. Then we went inside and bathed the kids and got dinner cooking.


We had a fajita feast.


We hung out for a bit after dinner and got the kids in bed. Then we thought about fishing or starting a bonfire or something but we were pretty beat and Bean was having a tough time staying in bed so we just watched the lake and stars from the deck and talked.

In the morning I made a bunch of eggs and we got busy cleaning up. Then we went for another swim.


We had done a terrible job at fishing so decided to give it a try.




We fished a bit but had no interested fish. We finished cleaning and packing and headed home. We ate a quick lunch on the drive then hoped the kids would nap but they did not.

The rest of this week went by really fast. I was feeling kinda sick sunday and got worse and stayed in bed all day Monday and most of Tuesday. We also went swiming a few times.


Made some really good curly q sweet potato fries.


Got some new dresses


and played in the sprinkler with AJ.



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