Adult Canoe Adventure 2015


So Friday Heath and I took off work early and got rid of the kids. Peanut went to his dads and they headed to Wisconsin, Kelly picked up Pumpkin for a weekend at a cabin at a hunting resort and pool and Bean went to my uncles farm. We filled the van with stuff and after dropping off Bean we drove to Lazy Days canoe and camping on the Elk river.

First off I really liked this place. Good prices, right on the river, plenty of nice shaded room for tents. The only downside was only one bathroom/showerhouse and it was pretty far from the tents.

Heath and I arrived first and picked a great spot and shortly later 5 other friends joined us. We set up tents, fans, and got busy with drinks and food. It was really hot so we grabbed a cooler and sat in the river until the sun was gone.


Then we lit up a fire.


And grilled hot dogs.


This filled our bellies but made us hot so we went swimming again. Then eventually everyone headed to bed.

In the morning we made a big pot of coffee, fried potatoes, and scrambled up some eggs. Then we put on our wet swimsuits and got 3 big coolers full of beer, then we squeezed in some food and water.


Then we tossed it all in a big orange raft and the Sanders posed by it.


Heath paid the folks and got the paperwork squared away while we waited.


Then we all hopped on and our great day began.


We did some swimming right away and man was it hot so we really got in and out of the raft a bunch.


We did our best to stay hydrated.


Early on we found a rope swing to play on.


We took lots of breaks for Frisbee or football.


And Selfies




Sometimes we just needed breaks.


All that relaxing got us hungry so we made some tacos.


Then we got back on the water.


We floated and drank and partied with the other rafts and eventually made it to the half way point. I think 5 hours had passed and we had gone 4 miles. The folks we rented from wanted our raft and said we would never make it full 8. They recommended we hang at the 4 mile marker and they would take us back to the campsite when we were ready.

Instead we decided to get our paddles out and row instead of just floating. They did not like that idea but we paddled away and got after it. We finished off all the drinks in our coolers and made it to the 8 mile point in 90 minutes. They were really impressed and gave us a ride back to the campground.

It’s a little fuzzy at this point but some folks took naps, some of us went swimming, and did who knows what. We did eat some dinner and snacks and stuff and switched to water. I spent most of my time in the river staying cool. We all crashed a lot earlier then the night before. In the morning we got busy cooking breakfast and packing up.


We got the campsite packed up pretty quick then picked up the kids and spent the rest of the day working on the house, laundry, mowing, pool, etc. A great weekend.






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