Birthday Parties, Bike Fun and Deck Work


It was a nice busy weekend. I had stayed up too late watching football, drinking homebrew and eating popcorn on Thusday so was a bit worn out Friday.


Also Heath is getting over a stomach bug that has messing with all of us for a few weeks. Heath took Pumpkin to Spanish class right after work and then my mom stopped by to drop off a birthday gift for Heath. We decided to hit up a happy hour. On the way to Lews we saw Bier Co and decided to go there. We got a drink and then then Heath and Pumpkin joined us and shortly later it started to rain so we finished our drinks quick and went to Lew’s for 1/2 price appatizers for dinner. We watched the Royals and had a good meal.

Once home we got the girls to bed then watched Trainwreak.

It got over fairly early for a Friday night but we were ready for bed.

Bean was the first one up and got me going. We ate bowls of cereal and got dressed. Everyone else was sleeping in so we ran to the auto parts store for new wipers for the truck and to the hardware store for scoping out a few items for future projects and some weather treating stuff for the deck.

Once home everyone was up and we all ran to Target quick. The weather treating stuff recommended a good cleaning before putting it down so once we got home we got after that deck. I think the deck was looking a bit bad and really needing some TLC.


Luckily I had minions


Pumpkin lost her 2nd tooth last week and got $1 bill so she is really interested in working for money. She and I scrubbed hard for a few hours.


We had gotten cheep scrub brushes at Target and some wood soap. It worked great.


Compare the parts we did vs the under grill area we have not gotten to.


So we scrubbed a bunch but had to run in to clean up and rush off to AJ’s birthday party.


The kids had lots of fun running around, eating pizza and cake.


We were at the farmstead so after eating we all went on a hay ride.



After the ride we had free rein over the place so everyone went off their own ways. Heath and I followed these goobers around.


They rode the ponies.



And really enjoyed mining for rocks


We ran around checking out the animals until the little one was about to fall asleep.


Then we headed home and she laid down for a nap. I had another hour or so of deck scrubbing and washing to do. We ate some chicken tacos and then I got cleaned up again and we went to another birthday party.


This one was right down the street and also lots of fun. The kids ran around in the backyard and we had some drinks and talked with neighbors and friends. We all got to bed too late and slept hard Saturday night.

Sunday all the girls were sleeping in good when I got up so I got a run in.


I had planned to go 10 miles but my left hip and knee were bothering me so I think I went closer to 8 miles. Once home I got 3.5 gallons of water heating up on the stove and then steeped some grains for 30 minutes. While this was going on I made a big pile of scrambled eggs loaded with chicken and veggies from the garden, then wrapped the scramble up in corn tortillas and made a pan of breakfast enchiladas.

Heath and the girls got busy cleaning the toy room up. Once my grains were done making beer flavored tea, I added 6 lbs of sugar in the form of malt. Then I got the pot boiling. The leftover grains smelled really good so I ran them through the food processor and then got baking a loaf of crusty brown bread. My wort boiled for about an hour and I added various hops along the way. Once it was done I coooled it down in a sink of ice as fast as I could. While it cooled we aired up bikes and loaded them in the truck. Once my wort got to about 75F I added yeast topped it off at 5gallons and stuck it in the corner to bubble for 2 weeks.

Then we headed to the Trolley Trail.


It was super nice out and we headed to brooksider for lunch at goodcents and a stop at CVS so Pumpkin could use tooth money on skittles.

However after about 2 miles a tire flew off the trailer. We had a mess of missing bearings and that wheel would not stay on. So Heath rode back to the truck and I slowly peddled a little ways back to Waldo. On the way I found the bearing but the clip that holds it on was not staying. We parked a place right by Waldo Pizza called Johnny Kaws. It was all open to the nice air and we sat outside. They had great places and we could watch the Royals game. We got burgers, fries and wings and split them all. I had a couple beers too and the whole bill was $20.

Then we loaded up the trailer and headed home. We had decided I didn’t buy near enough weather treat for the deck so stopped at Home Depot on the way home. We got 2 more cans and some info. Then we had a crazy idea and decided to measure the deck and figured out we needed a lot more and decided to tint the stuff because it was almost white.

So Heath got ready for a food truck deal and the girls and I went back to Home Depot. I returned all the cans I had bought and $60 worth of junk Heath had gotten when I was out of town a while back. Then I got a nice big 5 gallon bucket and had it tinted winchester grey/brown.

Then I rushed home and got the girls resting. Finally I got busy painting.


I did the edges with a brush and it took forever and I had to lift the netting stuff and work around it but I just could not do it with the roller.

Rolling the bulk of it went pretty fast. I think the whole thing took just under 2 hours.


I got done at 5:30 and it needed to dry for at least 3 hours before I can coat again. I didn’t want to paint in the dark so I called it a day.


The girls were up and motivated so we grabbed their bikes and headed to the school to practice. Our trailer is dieing so they need to learn to ride soon. Pumpkin and I both worked with Bean on getting those peddles to go in a circle in the right direction. Towards the end she sort of got the idea but she tends to accidentally break too much and she has no ability to steer and peddle at the same time.

Pumpkin is learning no training wheels and how to balance. She started out really good, I was running along with her and catching her but she was able to go pretty far. There were some kids nearby and after a bit she had trouble staying focused on the bike. Also I get exhausted fast chasing her and keeping the skin on her knees.

So we headed to the park as a reward for the hard work. The kids played until we were ready for dinner and as we started to leave my brother called and wanted to meet for pizza. So we headed to Waldo Pizza. There was a bit of a wait so we walked over to Johhny Kaws and had a drink out side again before our table was ready.

We had a great dinner, pizza was really good, the kids not bad and had a lot of fun catching up. After dinner we rushed home and got the kids in bed. Heath was home from food truck and in the shower. Once she was done and kids in bed I took a shower and got all the paint and bike sweat off. I was beat and headed to bed shortly later.

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