Keeping it Going


We all headed home after school and work. There were lots of leftovers from Heath’s food truck to eat so I got busy putting down the 2nd coat of paint on the deck.


It looked even better but I’m not sure about how to handle the rails, sides etc yet. While I was on the deck Heath met with a wood floring guy who came to measure so he could quote laying wood flooring down in our kitchen and refinishing the rest of the great room.

Heath warmed up some sandwiches and veggies and we all ate dinner.

Afterwords I went back to the deck and started on the stairs.


I hosed, and scrubbed and soaped and rinsed and after a bit they looked a lot better.


but they were wet so I had to wait to get a coat on them. In the morning everything was lookint pretty good.



We have that netting up there to keep kids from falling off the deck and it took a lot of work to get it up and Bean is still pretty small and clumsy so I’m not quite ready to take it down yet. I think I may just coat the top of the rail and save the rest for next fall when she is older.

While I was working on the stairs Heath and the kids did some cleaning up and a really cute science experiment video. I don’t have a copy but she posted it to facebook.

That was about it for the night. Pumpkin read 2 big long Dr. Seuss books to Bean, I showered, Heath donated some old clothes and toys then did some shopping. I watched and episode of Sparticus and then got to bed early since I’d have possibly a rough night tonight camping in my hammock.






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